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Comedy & Co. is the video production arm of Laugh-Masters Academy.

We specialise in the creation of comedic advertising, branded content, social media, and viral videos that make people laugh and are worthy of being shared.

We have Australia’s most talented up and coming stand-up comedians, comedy writers, comedy directors, and improv and sketch comedy actors standing by to create and deliver more than just laughs. Our work will help your brand get ratings, comments, blog posts, influencer engagement, metrics, and a sense of customer ownership that rarely happens with TV ads.

In this modern age it takes more than a compelling product or offer to cut through. You have to work hard to get noticed and be remembered – and comedy can help you stand out and achieve the success you desire. As we always say, “funny is money.” And the first joke is on us.

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Who we are

And One of us is a Cat

What we make

Mobile Content
Social Media Posts
Pre-Roll Advertising
TV Ads
Short Films
Instagram & Snapchat Videos
Facebook Content
Kiosk & Event Videos
Funny Noises with our Mouths

What we do

Creative Direction
Media Planning & Buying
Brand Integration
Bad Dancing

Camp Quality

Williams Pale Ale


We are advertising, branded content & social media specialists

At Comedy & Co. we believe in creating attention getting, internet breaking, award-winning content.

In the online world where everything competes with everything, ideas must be “gettable” before they can be sharable. We believe in developing simple, single ideas that can be summed up on one sentence, and shown in one minute.*

No matter how much you spend on media these days you can’t force people to like you. But from what we’ve seen, when brands surprise people with content they want to watch and share, brands win.

That’s why we work with the best people across a multitude of industries. gathering insights and developing the best ideas to create short, funny videos to help market your products and services in a way people will respond positively to.

*Sometimes less. Sometimes more.

The Comedy & Co. Chucklefund

The more you invest with us, the funnier the world gets. That’s because at Comedy & Co. we put a percentage of our profits aside to fund special projects that make us laugh. LMA Students and Alumni can submit applications to the Chucklefund for help funding comedic web series, pilots, podcasts, short films and more.

Pardon our dust.
This page will be updated soon with links to work and more info.

What you get

  • Comedic content for the always on world
  • More sharable content for less money
  • Access to australia’s up & coming comedy talent
  • Deep experience in marketing & advertising
  • Creatively led development and production
  • The reach of tv without the expense
  • Earned engagement
  • Ratings & comments
  • Blog posts & influencer engagement
  • Advanced metrics
  • A sense of ownership that rarely happens with tv
  • Stronger stomach muscles

*Good list right? Of course all this depends on what you actually need. Or want. But hey, let’s talk about it.

The first joke is on us

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